Remote Access VPN that pays off

VPN Management with NCP Secure Enterprise Management: Fully automated Remote Access VPN Management

Our concrete contribution for cost savings - with security:

  • Creation of configuration files with parameter lock
  • Transfer of personalized configuration parameter
  • Determination of firewall rules at teleworking stations
  • Integrated Two-Factor Authentication with a One-Time Password (OTP)
  • Monitoring adherence to all determined security guidelines prior to access to the central data network (network access control)
  • Support of users with quarantine status
  • Virtualisation
  • Updates
  • Issuing and administration of certificates (function of a registration authority)
  • License administration
  • Change management

A modern Remote Access solution has to correspond to all customer requirements with regards to user friendliness, security and efficiency. Users and administrators work transparently with very few "clicks" in an integrated virtual private network (VPN). Adherence to safety guidelines, rollout and operation of teleworking stations as well as software and configuration updates, administration of users, licenses and certificates are carried out automatically via a central entity: NCP Secure Enterprise Management.

Our customers reduce the risk of incorrect configurations and incorrect operations. Time effort spent for instructions, training and documentation is very low. Support costs are drastically reduced.

Bottom Line: The focus is on a fast return on investment (ROI), low total cost of ownership (TCO) and the protection of investments already made into existing IT systems (investment protection).

NCP Secure Enterprise Management – Single Point of Administration

NCP Secure Enterprise Management offers all functionalities for the operation of an integrated, centrally managed VPN solution. 


All status information is made available to the administrator graphically on the system monitor in real time (real time monitor). 

User data can be imported via standardised interfaces from existing directory services (e.g. LDAP, AD) and identity and access management systems (IAM). 

The standard delivery includes also a full version RADIUS server. 

Backup systems can optionally be installed to guarantee a high availability of the management system, even during maintenance or in a malfunction event.

Supported operating systems: 

  • Management Server: 
    • 32-Bit:
      • Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008
      • Linux  Kernel 2.6 from Version 2.6.16 (Distribution on request)
    • 64-Bit:
      • Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2
      • Linux  Kernel 2.6 from Version 2.6.16 (Distribution on request)
  • Management Console: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Additional information:

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