The world leader in Remote Access VPN solutions

In most IT departments, remote access to corporate databases and other company resources is a must, especially given today's increasingly mobile workforce. There are a variety of remote access solutions available in the market, with each one reflecting the provider's strategic orientation.

NCP designs our products according to the needs of our customers, with a focus on ease of use, compatibility, and cost effectiveness of all remote access components that make up a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Our passion is rooted in developing universally applicable software components that allow for highly secure integration of dispersed workplaces and workforces into a central data network. The number of successful projects, awards and case studies are a testament to our passion, extreme focus and expertise in the areas of remote access and secure communication. 

NCP's "Next Generation Network Access Technology" provides you with a one-stop solution:

  • A unique product portfolio for creating a holistic VPN work environment  
  • Top-notch technology in all VPN client and server components
  • Unique central Management system for IIoT AND Remote Access VPN
  • Dynamic security management as the basis for end-to-site security that provides you with sustainable protection from industrial espionage

NCP Secure Communications offers more than highly-developed and well-engineered products and solutions. We also provide all the services necessary to operate and manage your VPN environment including: updates, support, training, workshops and on-site technical support.

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