FAQs for NCP Exclusive Remote Access Client

  • Does the NCP Exclusive Remote Access Client also work with VPN gateways from third-parties?

    No, the NCP Exclusive Remote Access Clients are vendor locked to Juniper SRX series.

  • I'd like to set up a (really) secure VPN connection without being at the mercy of the Internet or public WLAN. Is that possible with the Exclusive Remote Access Client from NCP?

    Yes. NCP Exclusive Remote Access clients have an integrated, dynamic personal firewall and support FND (Friendly Net Detection). Find out more here.

  • Where can I find the information of the current version I use?

    You can find the information at the Client Monitor. Click on "Help" at the menu bar and choose "Info".

  • Do I need a personal firewall for mobile computing as well as the NCP Exclusive Remote Access Client?

    No. All VPN clients from NCP have an integrated personal firewall which can also be administered centrally in the case of the Secure Enterprise client.

  • Can I save my company logo or a project logo to the Client Monitor and if so, how?

    The NCP Exclusive Remote Access Client for Windows offer the option to save your company logo in a dedicated monitor field.

    An additional information field is displayed as standard in the  NCP Exclusive Remote Access Client  monitor. This can be replaced or removed. An HTML file, saved in the local installation directory, is displayed in the web browser after a mouse click on this field. You can find all the information about saving your company or project logo.

  • Does the NCP Exclusive Remote Access client recognize friendly networks and choose different firewall settings automatically?

    Yes, for more details go to "Friendly Net Detection".

  • Which client software does NCP offer?

    NCP offers NCP Exclusive Remote Access Clients for Juniper SRX firewalls for access to central data networks. They support all security technologies (VPN, PKI) and use the same communications and security standards. The latter can be administered centrally.

  • How can I get a free 30-day trial version?

    Please register to get access to the trial version.

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