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NCP Exclusive Entry Client for Windows

A VPN Client for Juniper SRX/vSRX Series Services Gateways − available for Windows (10, 8.x, 7) as a single-user license or for small installations in every remote access environment.

The NCP Exclusive Entry Windows Client is a one-click solution, the IPsec client software automatically selects:

  • the appropriate firewall policy
  • the best possible communication medium
  • controls internet connectivity
  • initiates the setup of a VPN tunnel.
  • New: Quality of Service

A centrally defined parameter lock prevents intentional or accidental configuration setting changes by users.

Recommended for organizations with up to 100 remote access users and without a requirement for central management.

Download NCP Exclusive Entry Client

  • Secure

    • IPv6 supported dynamic personal firewall
    • data encryption
    • strong authentication, biometrics
    • multi-certificate support
    • parameter locks
    • FIPS Inside
    • support of OTP (one time password tokens) and certificates in a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)
    • automatic modification of firewall rules
  • Efficient

    • Parameter locks avoids misconfiguration through users
    • NCP Budget Manager for full cost control
    • support for 3G/4G hardware (LTE)
    • custom branding option
  • Ease of Use

    • a single and easy-to-use user interface (one click) for connection setup
    • integrated support for 3G/4G hardware
    • reliable VPN connection
    • automatic, location aware adaptation and application of firewall rules through the NCP VPN Client
    • automatic media recognition
    • seamless roaming
    • easy Windows domain participation
    • Home Zone
    • VPN Bypass
  • Mobile

    • New: Quality of Service
    • Working without dropped connections or interruptions even when switching between networks, i.e. seamless roaming
    • autoconnect to your corporate network
    • reliable and uninterrupted VPN connections
    • quick and secure hotspot log in
    • Remote Access even behind firewalls, whose port settings typically deny IPsec based communication, i.e. NCP Path Finder® Technology