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Seamless Roaming or Always On

The Remote Access VPN Feature Digital Nomads May Be Missing

NCP Updates Secure Client V. 10.02 for Microsoft Windows 10

First IPsec VPN Client compatible with Windows 10 now available with newly added features to improve ease-of-use capabilities while optimizing for Internet of...

Hybrid VPN Technology

VPN Gateway for IPsec and SSL NCP Secure Enterprise VPN Server for IPsec and SSL

Automatic Hotspot Logon

Automatic Hotspot Logon takes the user, and the chance of their fallibility, out of the equation. After a user is in range of the public hotspot and selects...

Webinar Two Factor Authentication for VPN

This recorded webinar explains the importance of two-factor authentication for tighter VPN security.

Integrated Firewall with Location Awareness

Friendly Net Detection

Automatic recognition of available mediums

Order of media recognition Ease of use Remote Access function

How to Use Two-Factor Authentication the Right Way

Many prominent websites today – Dropbox, Google, Apple, Facebook and PayPal – all support a security approach known as two-factor or multi-factor...

Virtual Network Adapter: More Security in Cloud Computing

Automatic tunnel forwarding in the VPN gateway

NCP engineering, Tech Data Expand Secure Remote Access to SMB Market

The agreement between NCP engineering and Tech Data will help SMBs be more proactive in protecting their networks – an important step, given that the average...