Product and market information on the topics of threats, security and remote access VPN.



NCP at AusCERT 2015 - Smarten up Your Information Security

At this year’s conference well-known speakers talk about how to adapt and apply smarter ways to prevent, detect and respond to information security risks. We...

Virtual Network Adapter: More Security in Cloud Computing

Automatic tunnel forwarding in the VPN gateway

NCP engineering, Tech Data Expand Secure Remote Access to SMB Market

The agreement between NCP engineering and Tech Data will help SMBs be more proactive in protecting their networks – an important step, given that the average...

Friendly Net Detection

The prevalence of remote work has climbed steadily over the last decade thanks to advances in technology and attitudes towards the practice. According to...

Internet Connector - The smart dial-up solution

Just one click and your users are online - safe, secure, for sure!

Distribution agreement between NCP and Tech Data

We wanted to let you know about an exciting new development here at NCP engineering. NCP and Tech Data have signed an agreement that expands our distribution...

Convenient Log- and Support Assistant

Two additional menu items have been introduced under the top level "Help" menu: Use the "Extended Log Settings" to activate extended...

NCP engineering a CRN 5 Star Winner

NCP engineering has been awarded a 5-Star rating in The Channel Company’s CRN 2015 Partner Program Guide. This annual directory is the definitive listing of...

Central PKI Enrollment

PKI made easy

Webinar: Managing Secure Communications in M2M Environments

How do you manage a secure VPN when there isn’t a human being interfacing with the endpoint machine? As the Internet of Things weaves its way into the fabric...