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Full throttle: NCP Secure Windows Client reaches Version 13.0

The NCP Secure Windows client is our flagship product with features such as biometric authentication, seamless roaming, friendly net detection and VPN path finder technology. In the latest release (version 13.0), we have added support for WPA3 encryption and reworked the hotspot logon and split tunneling features.

The NCP Secure Windows client supports the WPA3 standard secure Wi-Fi connections from version 13.0 onwards. WPA3 further enhances Wi-Fi security through stronger encryption algorithms and measures against brute force attacks.

When connecting to a public hotspot, users often have to register and log on through the hotspot provider’s website, which bypasses the VPN tunnel and is usually not permitted in the business environment. NCP hotspot logon addresses these security concerns. As of version 13.0, the hotspot logon feature is based on the new Microsoft Edge browser. The Chrome-based Microsoft Edge web browser is used exclusively for the purpose of logging on to a hotspot and only it is allowed to bypass the VPN tunnel while logging on. Switching the hotspot logon to the Microsoft Edge web browser increases compatibility, for example when working remotely from Intercity trains in Germany.

IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack support means that both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols can be used within the VPN tunnel. The split tunneling feature can be configured separately for IPv4 and IPv6. From version 13.0, up to 250 split tunneling configurations can be configured centrally for the client for both IPv4 and IPv6. This configuration allows dedicated access to internal company resources, which is an important component of modern IT security architectures such as Zero Trust, especially if cloud services are used. SES version 13.0 or higher is a prerequisite for enhanced split tunneling configurations.

All NCP Windows clients from version 13.0 onwards are compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11 (both 64-bit):

  • NCP Secure Enterprise Clients as part of the Managed NCP Secure Enterprise Solution
  • NCP Secure Entry Clients for smaller environments up to 100 users and individual workstations
  • NCP Exclusive Remote Access Windows Clients for Juniper Networks® SRX Series Firewalls