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NCP Releases New Secure Enterprise Management 5.0

New Version Includes Enhanced Database Access for Multiple User Logins, Additional Two-Factor Authentication, and Optimization of the RADIUS functionality

The new release of the NCP Secure Enterprise Management (SEM) 5.0 for the central management of virtual private network (VPN) endpoints is available. The new version offers enhanced database access for bulk user logins, optimization of the Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) functionality, and support for Sophos MCS two-factor authentication (SMS). Additionally, notifications are clearly highlighted in the NCP Secure Enterprise Management console.

The NCP Secure Enterprise Management 5.0 provides a single console to administer remote access VPN clients and enables IT managers to automate processes such as certificate administration and deployment, compliance checks, updates, and de-activation across all endpoint devices. By integrating with third-party user management databases (via Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP), the SEM automatically synchronizes when changes are made. For example, when an employee is added, the NCP Secure Enterprise Management creates an individual configuration for the new user according to pre-defined templates, enters it at the RADIUS server, and assigns a software certificate.

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