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Ready for macOS Catalina

The new versions of the NCP VPN Clients for macOS make working on the road and in the home office even more convenient.

All three new versions of our macOS VPN clients support macOS 10.15 Catalina. The new virtual network adapter and IPv4/IPv6 dual stack support offer full connectivity just like working in the office. Administrators now also configure split tunneling separately for IPv4 and IPv6. IPv6 can be used within the VPN Tunnel although the physical network only supports IPv4. The virtual network adapter ensures that all applications – including VoIP – pass through the VPN tunnel.

A host of other features set NCP VPN clients in a class of their own. These include an integrated dynamic personal firewall, strong authentication (including fingerprint authentication), multi-certificate support and IKEv2 support with IKEv2 redirect. For user convenience, the client has a modern user interface and an optional FIPS mode that can be selected when installing the client. Administrators can provide an initial configuration for the NCP Secure Enterprise macOS Client, making it considerably easier to deploy the VPN solution. The macOS keychain can also be used as a certificate store.

In combination with NCP Secure Enterprise Management and the NCP Secure Enterprise VPN Server or the virtual appliance, the NCP Secure Enterprise macOS client offers a complete solution for a centrally managed remote access VPN.

The NCP Secure Entry macOS Client is designed for smaller VPN projects with up to 50 mobile workstations without a central management solution.

NCP Exclusive Remote Access macOS Client 4.00 is also available. This client is only compatible with Juniper Networks® SRX Series firewalls. It is administered via NCP Exclusive Remote Access Management.

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