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NCP VS GovNet Connector with new features

In version 2.10, the practice-oriented and powerful NCP VS GovNet Connector is provided with the features Hotspot Login and Friendly Net Detection.

Nuremberg, December 7, 2021 - NCP, the leading specialist for fully automated, secure data communication, releases version 2.10 of the VS GovNet Connector as a "Qualified Manufacturer as defined by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)". The release was developed under the "Qualified Approval Procedure" and is approved for VS-NfD (Classified Information - For Official Use Only), for the protection of EU information up to the classification level "RESTREINT UE/EU RESTRICTED" as well as for the protection of NATO information up to the classification level "NATO RESTRICTED". The powerful software solution is the link between the VS-NfD data processing workstation and the associated remote station (NCP Secure VPN GovNet Server).Users benefit from the wide range of functions and ease of use while enjoying maximum security. In version 2.10, the features Hotspot Login as well as Friendly Net Detection have been implemented.

When using a public hotspot, users often have to log in via a website of the hotspot operator and would have to communicate past the VPN tunnel to do so. However, this is not permitted in the public authority and mostly also in business environment. NCP's Secure Hotspot login eliminates security concerns. When the user clicks on a hotspot he or she has selected, the VS GovNet Connector automatically establishes the connection to the corporate network, should Internet access be possible without login data. Most of the time this is not the case and the client launches a reduced-function web browser for security reasons. The client firewall will only allow this hardened browser to access the hotspot login page until the login is complete. The advantage of this procedure is that the user can now use a public hotspot in a secure way without having to change anything in the security settings.

The Friendly Net Detection (FND) feature uses an accessible Friendly Net Detection Server to detect whether the user is in a secure or insecure network. This identification is certificate-based and thus offers high security. Depending on the network, the FND function activates the corresponding firewall rules and can prevent the VPN connection setup in the secure network. This allows, for example, administrative access to the terminal device within the secure network, whereas this is not permitted in the insecure network. Unlike conventional firewalls, the VS GovNet Connector is already active at system start-up. The prerequisite for using the FND feature is the use of the NCP Friendly Net Detection Server from version 4.0.

NCP VS GovNet Connector 2.10 meets all security standards required by the BSI while remaining a very practical VPN software that is extremely easy for users to operate. It is installed on terminal devices with Windows 10 (version 1607 to 21H1) or Windows 11 (up to version 21H2). After successful authentication, all applications and resources from the central data network are available to the user via LAN, WLAN or mobile radio via Virtual Private Network (VPN). At the same time, the highly secure and sophisticated software client offers additional features such as biometric authentication, VPN Path Finder Technology, Quality of Service and more.

The purely software-based NCP VS GovNet Connector solution can be ideally distributed to the respective workstations with standard tools and works with the most modern and strongest encryption algorithms. The software is specially designed for use in ministries, public authorities and companies that are subject to the German laws on the protection of classified information. It is used for the secure processing and transmission of data classified as "VS-NfD", among others. The software client guarantees particularly easy handling without being tied to special hardware. Rollout, commissioning, software updates and administration are conveniently carried out by NCP Secure Enterprise Management (SEM) as a "single point of administration". Flexible licensing models such as "pay-per-use" cover every customer need.