NCP engineering Releases Optimized Virtual Private Network Gateway

The NCP VPN Gateway Improves Security Across Corporate Networks and Accessibility in IIoT Applications

NCP engineering today released the NCP Secure Enterprise VPN Server version 12.10 and the NCP Virtual Secure Enterprise VPN Server version 12.10. The NCP VPN Gateway, which integrates mobile and stationary employees in a cross-company data network, features a sophisticated multi-client capability, the NCP VPN Path Finder Technology, and the support of certificates with elliptic curves for enhanced security.

In version 12.10, the NCP VPN Gateway includes IPv4/IPv6 dual stack support. This supports the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols within the VPN tunnel. Furthermore, a typical IIoT scenario was addressed. The machine and plant networks connected within a remote network can overlap, so that many hundreds of machines can share the same internal IPv4 networks. NCP solves this common problem regarding how individual machines in potentially identical target networks are addressed. The NCP VPN Gateway 12.10 ensures that only the machine that is to be serviced and only the selected service technician can exchange data with each other via an encrypted, secure connection for a limited time.

"We’re proud to launch an optimized VPN Gateway to improve accessibility for IIoT applications and to enhance security across company networks," said Patrick Oliver Graf, CEO of NCP engineering.

Some new features only concern the Virtual Appliance. As the NCP Virtual Secure Enterprise VPN Server is now connected to the central management, it can be centrally managed with the NCP Secure Enterprise Management Server and configurations and certificates can be distributed. Additionally, the NCP Virtual Secure Enterprise VPN Server version 12.10 supports the Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization environments for Windows Server 2016/2019 and Debian KVM version 9.9.0.

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