Project Application – Terms and Conditions

It is a prerequisite that you provide all necessary information for a project at NCP as soon as possible. We will respond to all project applications quickly that NCP or its distributors have neither already received  project details for nor are aware of existing activities of another sales partner.  

Confirmation of project support
We will send you an email confirmation containing your project ID. In case an application for this project has already been placed, we will inform you immediately.

Benefits for the applicant:

  • Exclusive project support is only granted to applicants. At NCP, we establish the chronological order of the project support applications on the first-in, first-out concept, i.e. the sole decisive factor is the time we receive your application.   
  • NCP offers you exclusive on site support at the office of your customer.
  • NCP further grants you comprehensive support throughout a joint tender or project execution.    

Terms and conditions:

  • Joint on site or online appointment at your customer's within two months of confirmation of project support.
  • If it is impossible to arrange an on-site appointment within two months after confirmation, NCP reserves the right to terminate the confirmed project support.  
  • Notification of NCP about the project's progress in four week intervals.  
  • If notification is discontinued, project support is terminated six weeks after NCP received the last notification.
  • If a competing product is offered throughout the duration of the project or if the project's focus is not clearly based on NCP products, NCP reserves the right to terminate the confirmed project support.  

Please note, that it is an application for "project support" without any legal obligations resulting from it.

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