NCP Secure Client – Juniper Edition

The NCP Secure Client - Juniper Edition for Windows operating systems 10, 8.x, 7 and Vista is the official successor product for NS Remote Gateways (Junos, NetscreenOS).

Ipsec vpn client for juniperNCP's Secure Client - Juniper Edition for Windows operating system enables convenient connectivity to Juniper VPN gateways (Junos, Netscreen OS). The client monitors the availability of the VPN tunnel and informs the user of any events affecting it, e.g. an interruption in Internet access. As long as there’s an Internet connection, remote access is ensured. Even within overlapping networks, i.e. between two networks that have the same IP address range such as a hotel Wi-Fi network and a corporate network, VPN remote access is possible. The client processes both IPv4 and IPv6 data. The NCP Secure Client – Juniper Edition is also available with the NCP Volume License Server.


...our focus in this area means you can rely on high-quality IT security software made in Germany

  • data encryption
  • strong authentication
  • multi-certificate support
  • FIPS Inside
  • support of OTP (One time Password tokens) and certificates in a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)


...our focus here means we are mindful of one of the biggest challenges organizations face – cost savings

  • Works in any remote access VPN environment


Ease of Use...

...our focus in this area translates to reduced IT complexity

  • a single and easy-to-use user interface (one click) for the connection setup
  • a reliable, uninterrupted VPN connection


...our focus in this area results in the best mobile device user experience

  • auto-connect to your corporate network
  • reliable and uninterrupted VPN connections