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A Remote Access VPN requires Economical Efficiency and Universality

An investment that pays off

From a commercial point of view, a remote access VPN has to pay off as fast as possible. This means comparing investment costs and operating costs (total cost of ownership) and avoiding hidden costs. In this, savings of up to 85% are possible.
NCP designed its remote access VPN solution with cost savings in mind. Savings are made at client and central-sided components and are based on the following fundamental benefits:

  • Standardized software
  • "Out of the Box" solution
  • Modular software architecture
  • Well-matched VPN components

For the high compatibility level of NCP's software, the investor can continue to use already existing IT infrastructure. Additionally he can expand his VPN according to his needs and according to the latest technological standards, because of the availability inexpensive updates and upgrades for all software components.
Installation and operation, especially with complex VPN environments, drive up costs. Sometimes rollout costs alone, already exceed investment costs of a VPN solution. In certain industries, like in the insurance industry which is characterized by high staff turnover (25 - 30% p.a.), operation costs are incredibly high. Minimizing these cost drivers is part of NCP's Secure Enterprise Management. As central intelligence of the system it offers all necessary features for fully automatic operation of a VPN.

NCP Remote Access VPN - an overview of the most important features:

Minimization of support costs/Protection against manipulation

Support costs take up a high relative importance under "Total Cost of Ownership" (TCO).  It is worthwhile to keep it as low as possible. For network administration this means a preference for certain client configurations from a central place. Parameter locks hinder subsequent manipulation, whether intentionally or through an accidental operation. Furthermore, the intuitive graphical user interface with error reports in clear text, permits quick fixes for malfunction events.

Minimization of administration costs

The NCP VPN Management serves as a single point of administration for all the efficient operations of a VPN required performance features. For example, it shortens the time exposure for rollout, certificate administration and software distribution. Required changes, e.g. with changes in personnel/staff turnover, they are effectively resolved in real time. This relieves network administration and leads to massive cost savings. 

Minimizing communication costs

Budget-Manager for full cost control is now integrated in the new NCP VPN Client for Windows. The Budget-Manager serves to monitor the costs of all available connection types, focusing on UMTS, GPRS as well as WLAN connections. For this purpose, the administrators or users configure volume or time limits according to the basic provider rates. Should the user exceed his set limit, depending on the settings either a warning notice appears or further connection attempts are hindered. The Budget Manager also allows the restriction or disabling of roaming. Nasty surprises in the provider invoice are avoided in this manner.

Integrated data compression aid further cost savings. This feature is very effective and leads to savings of up to 25% in tariffed transmission networks.The Short Hold Mode guarantees that no communication costs occur if no user data is sent or received during a session monitored by NCP's software. When the teleworker continues his session, he does not have to login to the central VPN gateway again. He can resume his work from where he stopped his activities. This even works under "difficult" conditions, if for example peripheral Citrix clients are used.

Minimizing costs of identity and access management

NCP's VPN solution is fully compatible to all common network technologies and operating systems. Through this, the software can be easily integrated into existing identity and access management systems (IAM). Time and money consuming upgrades of existing systems and expensive new investments into IT infrastructure become obsolete.

Integrated personal firewall with central management

All NCP VPN Clients are disposed according to standards over an integrated personal firewall. The expense for evaluation, licensing and installation of a supplemental personal firewall is removed. Administration and maintenance can take place optionally from a central place.

Central VPN Management with Integrated unlimited RADIUS Server

Integrative component of the NCP VPN Management is, next to an integrated control and monitoring mechanism, a RADIUS Server. Already available RADIUS systems can be pooled, and thereby be replaced in an economical manner.

Multi Company Support (VPN Gateway Sharing)

This feature allows for concurrent operation of several VPNs of various companies via a single NCP Secure Enterprise VPN Server. The provider sets up a closed VPN for each company (client) – only the employees of this company have access to this particular VPN. Several independent systems become obsolete through this VPN gateway sharing.Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) utilize this economic advantage for setup and operation of managed VPNs.

Bring your own Device (BYOD)

In this concept, employees work with their own end devices. BYOD concepts increase user satisfaction and with this productivity. In order to let the company fully profit from these benefits, NCP's remote access VPN solution supports a wide range of operating systems. With this all devices can be integrated into a comprehensive VPN.


Currently, virtualization is the most important IT technology. It contains many measurable benefits for a data center - amongst others: increased efficiency and availability, cost savings and higher productivity. NCP's solution is 100% software-based. It offers all prerequisites for substantial cost savings during installation and operation - even of larger VPN environments.

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