Managing Secure Communications in M2M Environments

How do you manage a secure VPN when there isn’t a human being interfacing with the endpoint machine? As the Internet of Things weaves its way into the fabric of everyday life, enterprises and security professionals are left with the challenge of protecting the communications between millions of devices in M2M (machine-to-machine) environments.

If you don’t have reliable solutions in place—particularly for business-critical systems—you risk lost revenue, disgruntled customers or users, and the expense of restoring operations. And in the case of systems that involve sensitive information, it may be crucial to be in compliance with PCI, SOX, or HIPAA requirements.

This white paper, Reliable VPN Solutions in M2M Environments, addresses key considerations for managing secure VPNs in M2M scenarios.

Download this paper to learn:

  • How to choose a connection method that’s right for your application.
  • How to configure end devices so they can perform authentication steps.
  • How to manage VPN configurations and updates without human interaction.

Webinar Recording - Reliable VPN Solutions in M2M Environments

Not quite ready to share your information in exchange for downloading the white paper? Listen first to a webinar recording for an overview of the information provided in the white paper. (Click on the image below.)

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