Managing Secure Communications in IoT Environments

As the Internet of Things (IIoT) weaves its way into the fabric of everyday life, enterprises and security professionals are left with the challenge of protecting the communications between millions of devices in IoT environments.

IIoT is gradually penetrating all sectors as technology evolves beyond production into finance, retail, logistics, telecommunications and healthcare.

Machines and devices connected via the IIoT are particularly heterogeneous especially with regard to platforms and operating systems. Production machinery in industrial sectors, IT in automotive applications, and sensors installed in a critical infrastructure for proactive maintenance and monitoring purposes are all examples of connected devices. The number of devices connected via IIoT infrastructure can make securing networks an enormously complex and time-consuming task.

Frost & Sullivan predicts that the economic value of IoT implementation in the public and private sectors will increase to $19 trillion by 2022. Companies that want to remain competitive in the long term can no longer ignore IIoT and IoT applications.

The Frost & Sullivan white paper "Securing Enterprise-Level IoT" addresses important considerations for managing secure data connections in IIoT scenarios.

Read this white paper for more information on:

  • IIoT and practical applications
  • the business need to secure IIoT connections
  • securing all devices across all platforms and authentication methods
  • connecting production IT and enterprise IT



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