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FAQs – Software activation of NCP Secure Entry Client

  • What is involved in software activation?

    In order to use your client software, you need a serial number and a license key. Client software license keys have a unique version number. The features of the client software are determined exclusively by the license key. The client license is released by the activation code sent via the Internet to every end device.

  • For which software versions is software activation needed?

    • NCP Secure Entry Client (Win32/64), Version 8.3+
  • Which NCP products are involved?

    NCP secure Entry Client (Win 32/64).

  • When should software activation be carried out?

    • For new installations of NCP secure entry clients
    • For major changes to the hardware of the end device used
    • For purchased software license updates (new license key)
  • Possible causes for software activation failure

    • The license key is larger than the installed software version
      Solution: Software update
    • Transfer errors
      Solution: Retry or contact Support
  • You cannot use all features of the software

    Cause:  The license key is older than the installed software version.
    Solution:  Software update with assignment of new license key. 

  • What information does software activation look for?

    Hardware information only - no user data (no SW registration!)

  • How can you activate the software?

    • Online, i.e. the end device has a direct Internet connection
    • Offline, i.e. the end device does not have an Internet connection
  • How does online software activation work?

  • How does offline activation work?

  • When do I have to pay for a software update?

    Whenever a new version (or major release) is involved. New service releases can be downloaded free of charge.

    Examples: Version 8.3, 8.4, 8.5, etc. Service releases 8.31, 8.32, etc.

  • Will an update always bring me up to the latest version?

    Every update can handle 2 version changes. After that, you will need an additional update.

  • How do I get the client software?

    Current software versions and service releases can be  downloaded.

  • How can I reuse my license key when the hardware has been replaced (upgrade / faulty)?

    In the case that a license has already been activated on a particular machine but this machine will no longer be used, you can request that the activation be reset by using our  License Re-activation form on our website. In case of the NCP Secure Entry Client (Win 32/64) and the NCP Exclusive Entry Client, you are allowed to deactivate the client, to use a new hardware. Please refer to the release notes for further information on the deactivation process. 

  • How can I reuse my license key when a user has left the company and the license key is to be transferred back into the pool of licenses to be reused on another device at a later time?

    If the device/hardware remains the same, even if the device has to be reinstalled (with the same operating system, however), new activation is not required. However, the license key has to be entered again. In all other cases, please refer to the description above.

  • Is there a limit on the number of times a license key can be reactivated?

    Yes, it is limited on 2 (one of them being the "grace activation" as explained above).

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