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Bundeseisenbahnvermögen (BEV)

The Bundeseisenbahnvermögen (BEV) is a temporary employment agency and property reseller. The BEV had set the goal to deploy the ‘Modern State’ and ‘Federal Germany Online 2005’ initiatives.  


  • Creating a high performance, secure net infrastructure
  • Full availability of centralized IT applications, regardless of location
  • Cost effective, high-performance remote access solution
  • No applications or data stored on remote teleworkplaces
  • Central management of components and software distribution  

Deployed NCP-solution:

Microsoft Terminal Server and Citrix technology, teleworkplaces with thin clients, instead of traditional PCs (‘fat clientPC’), strong authentication with certificates (Smartcard), Single Sign On (SSO), IPsec VPN infrastructure: NCP Secure Enterprise Client (Win32/64), NCP Secure Enterprise Server, NCP Secure Enterprise Management.

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