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Remote Access solution for worldwide VPN

Headquartered in Fürth, Germany, the UVEX WINTER HOLDING GmbH & Co. KG operates internationally in 22 countries, includes 41 subsidiaries and employs more than 2000 employees. Since 2005, Uvex has been using a fully automatic remote access solution its global virtual private network.  

On a global basis, a total of 350 users are integrated into the VPN environment including the executive board, sales personnel in all Uvex subsidiaries and the IT support team. Furthermore, this communication platform featuring policy-based access is also available to suppliers and business partners. The VPN is being used for accessing monthly reports and applications like CRM, Lotus Notes, as well as for email services and other service purposes.   


  • Central administration of a VPN via a single console
  • Fully automatic operation and update service
  • Integration into the existing identity management system and firewall
  • VMware support
  • Creation of redundancies within the VPN server system
  • International communication via all public networks
  • Easy and standardized operation for the user
  • Modularity and high scalability
  • Network admission control for strict compliance to the company policy
  • Strong user authentication

NCP’s technological solution:
NCP Secure Enterprise Client (Win32/64), NCP Secure Enterprise Windows Mobile Client, NCP Secure Enterprise Server (VPN Gateway), NCP Secure Enterprise Management, NCP Failsafe Server

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