Datev e.G.

Datev required a highly secure, remote access solution to ensure clients' order data doesn't fall into the wrong hands. If the data were to fall into the wrong hands, Datev could face severe penalties and even imprisonment, since they are bound to professional secrecy by tax consultancy laws.


  • Secure, and economically viable integration of field executive access for the 26 Datev Information Centres (DICs) into the central data network via WiFi (access points to replace direct LAN connections)
  • Create an infrastructure that allows optional deployment of ultra mobile end devices (PDA and UMTS devices)
  • Safeguard against users being able to undertake client configuration modifications
  • Compatibility with existing VPN gateways from third party manufacturers, as well as terminal server technologies
  • Centralized management

Technology deployed in NCP solution:
Remote access via WiFi, router with DSL connection and the Internet, tunnel endpoint at head office is also VPN gateway (Cisco), strong authentication via Datev Smartcard, IPsec VPN infrastructure: NCP Secure Enterprise Client (Win32/64), NCP Secure Enterprise Server, NCP Secure Enterprise Management.

Case Study

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