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IT.Niedersachsen (LSKN, IZN)

The LSKN Niedersachsen is a high profile system house for IT technology in the federal state of Lower Saxony. Their customer base is comprised primarily of the federal government, e.g. ministries, department of justice, police and financial administration. The IZN operates a high security data center, the state-wide data network, an email-association, and provides its customers with all services that are expected of a sophisticated system house.


  • Secure mobile access for employees and MPs of the federal government accessing the federal state network via the Internet.  

Deployed NCP-solution:

Access to defined systems and services within the federal state network via mobile end devices, strong authentication with personal certificate on a SignaturCard (multi/functional card), PKI for the federal state government, IPsec VPN infrastructure: NCP Secure Enterprise Client (Win32/64), NCP Secure Enterprise Server.

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