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LDI Landesbetrieb für Daten und Information

The LDI is a centralized service provider for IT and communications technology within the federal state administration of Rhineland-Palatinate. Among their clients are federal state ministries, police and judicial agencies.  


  • Provision mobile computing, setup of home office workplaces for telecommuters
  • Highly-secure and economically viable data communication
  • User friendly, simplified domain login
  • Functionality within a heterogenous IT environment
  • Operating systems (Windows, Linux), hardware (notebooks, desktops, PDAs)
  • Server architectures (x86 processors, Sun Sparc CPU, etc.)
  • Low operating costs, central management  

Deployed NCP-solution:

Remote access via modem, ISDN, DSL, GPRS, UMTS, Wi-Fi and the Internet, strong authentication via OTP tokens and certificates in a PKI, endpoint security, automatic media type selection, integrated personal firewall within the VPN client, IPsec VPN infrastructure: NCP Secure Enterprise Client (Win32/64), NCP Secure Enterprise Windows Mobile Client, NCP Secure Enterprise Server, NCP Secure Enterprise Management.

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