Remote Access VPN "Out of the Cloud"

"Mobile teleworking via the Internet" in the network of the German federal state of North Rhine Westphalia

The information and technology agency of the German federal state of North Rhine Westphalia (IT.NRW) offers 40,000 employees of the federal state’s administration the possibility to access their business data remotely. In addition to network access from their office, they now have secure and inexpensive remote access to their business data. The multicompany support feature of NCP's virtual private network (VPN) solution allowed IT.NRW to set up a "Private Cloud"—a network created and secured particularly for this purpose. Only the connected clients are able to communicate via this network and receive access to their part of the administration’s network.

Customer benefits:

  • Little investment in hardware, software and in-house experts
  • Fast implementation
  • High scalability
  • Well-designed technology
  • Infrastructure with high availability and data security


Case Study