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Secure Wi-Fi for sensitive data

The Swiss insurance company "Swiss Mobiliar" decided to replace their Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution for a number of reasons including inadequate wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) security and limited mobile end-device management capability. To address these limitations, Mobiliar managers chose NCP’s fully automatic Remote Access VPN solution. They expected improved communication process efficiency and increased employee productivity.


  • Users should be able to connect to the Mobiliar network from anywhere
  • Users should be able to use Wi-Fi networks - especially PWLAN hotspots (Swiss Wi-Fi hotspots)
  • Users should not have unchecked Internet access
  • Device should be protected from attacks in any case
  • Location awareness
  • Support of smartcard feature
  • Increased manageability
  • Solution should be easy to manage and scripts should be possible
  • Use of certificates that are located in the local user certificate store (CSP)

Case study

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