Your insurance against
deficiencies and failures

Access to central databases and resources has to be guaranteed "24/7/365".  Only a faultless operation of a VPN system guarantees success in the planned corporate and economic use of the undertaken investment.

The "NCP Secure Enterprise High Availability (HA) Services” guarantee the highest level of availability or failsafe protection of central systems regardless if one or several NCP Secure Enterprise VPN Servers are installed. All VPN tunnels are available at all times.

We distinguish between two scenarios depending on the number of installed NCP Secure Enterprise VPN Servers:

  • One NCP Secure Enterprise VPN Server, it concerns backup functionalities;NCP Secure Enterprise Failsafe Server is used for this scenario.In case of a failure it is switched to a Secure Enterprise Server Backup System.
  • Several parallel NCP Secure Enterprise VPN Servers i.e. it concerns also an even system utilisation in addition to backup functionalities;NCP Secure Enterprise Load Balancing offers the required performance in this environment. The faulty VPN gateway is automatically taken out of the productive operation in case of a malfunction event. The VPN tunnels are distributed onto the VPN gateways still available.

Both high availability servers are also configured redundantly due to availability reasons.

Changes to configuration, updates and upgrades are carried out easily via the Windows interface of the high availability manager which can be installed on any console processor in LAN.