Direct Link-Up for Any Scenario

Mobilizing business processes has far reaching effects on all areas of business activities: Data and information need to be accessible and exchangeable wherever and whenever. Ideally, this means any individual with the required access rights can access any application or resource within the organization’s network with any device, anywhere, anytime. NCP offers solutions to address these needs. We ensure your in home office workers have all the necessary access to the information and resources they need – just as if they were sitting in the office. In addition, the transfer of inventory data, e.g. stock, operational data and/or control data to or from a centralized data network can be accomplished using our secure VPN solutions.

And no matter what application or what scenario, NCP ensures secure data transfer between the remote device and the central VPN gateway with the utmost reliability, performance and economy.

The following scenarios should serve as examples only, in order to demonstrate the various facets of our comprehensive NCP VPN solution: