‘Outside Offices’ become Integrated Branches

In order to facilitate access to important data for all your branch offices and subsidiaries, NCP offers VPN solutions for the communication between remote PC networks and the central data network. The transfer medium used will depend on the volume of data and communication behavior.

Secure VPN Solutions for Branch Office Integration

1. There are several options for the integration of branch offices into a VPN:

  • Branch office integration is achieved through two VPN gateways into the central data network, whereby all PCs at the branch office will access the central network of the organization via a common VPN gateway. Alternative deployment options for the VPN gateway software. In accordance with respective requirements:
  • IP router exists:Installation of the NCP Secure Enterprise Servers on the LAN as a dedicated computer or File server integrated
  • No IP router:Deployment of the NCP Secure Enterprise Servers with WAN connectivity, as a dedicated computer, or file server integrated, which will have to be fitted additionally with WAN cards
  • No IP router, no dedicated VPN gatewayDeployment of an appliance with integrated Secure Enterprise Server and WAN connectivity

2. If only single LAN workplaces at a branch office need connection to the network of the organization, or user specific authentication, then each of the relevant branch office PCs will be fitted with a NCP Secure Client.

Specific requirements overview for VPN solutions:

  • End-to-site security between branch office and company network/LAN workstation(s)
  • Strong authentication via certificates (hardware/user certificate) or OTP tokens (one-time password) for user related authentication.
  • Integrated, dynamic personal firewall