Working from home today and back to the office tomorrow? No problem.

If your executives alternate between a home and corporate office, secure remote access to the organization’s or branch office's network via public dial-in connections, WiFi and the Internet is of critical importance. Solutions are available for either a mobile PC (laptop and docking station) or two end devices (desktop and laptop).Since teleworkers are usually online continously, matching transfer media need to be selected. Dial-in can be direct via the company telephone number or indirect via the Internet (provider telephone number + IP address of target system).  

Secure computing at the Home office

Specific requirements overview for the VPN solution:

  • End-to-site security between teleworkers’ home offices and the central VPN gateway
  • Strong authentication via certificate or OTP tokens (one-time password)
  • Interruptions, but no aborted sessions due to ‘dead spots’ or while switching between access points within a private WiFi
  • Automatic media recognition
  • Integrated, dynamic personal firewall