Are your people on the road?
They can take the office with them.

VPN solutions from NCP offer your mobile workers secure and easy access to the organization’s network via any and all public wireless networks, WiFis and the Internet. Managers, sales and technical field executives have easy access to centralized data, applications, and resources – wherever and whenever. It doesn't matter if he or she is sitting in the car, on the train, at the airport, at a trade show, in a hotel, onsite at a client’s office, in one of your branch offices or simply at an Internet café. The transmission medium used in each instance depends on the required bandwidth and availability.

Secure mobile computing

Specific requirements overview for a VPN solution:

  • End-to-site security between teleworkers and the central VPN gateway
  • Autonomy in regards to WiFi component manufacturer (compatibility and security)
  • Strong authentication parameters via certificate also for PDAs, MDAs, and SmartPhones
  • No interruption, e.g. no aborted sessions due to ‘dead spots’ or while switching between access points within a WiFi
  • Automatic media recognition
  • VPN Client Monitor integrated displays of field strength and provider, while using certain Mobile Connect cards in laptops or notebooks
  • Automatic login for secure hotspots
  • Protection against attacks from other WiFi participants
  • Integrated, dynamic personal firewall
  • Always on (for email push services) on the NCP Secure CE clients