Ease of Use

…our focus in this area translates to reduced IT complexity

Users depend on their end devices to be able to easily and seamlessly access information and communicate. Administrators want to easily manage their remote access network -- regardless of its size -- from a single point of administration.

For users this means:

  • a single and easy to use, user interface (one click) for the connection setup
  • a reliable, uninterrupted VPN connection
  • integrated support for 3G/4G hardware
  • automatic, location-aware adaption of firewall rules through the NCP VPN client

For IT administrators this means:

  • a central management system that automates all? tasks relating to configuration, rollout, startup, software updates, certificate administration and checking security policies.
  • minimal management effort
  • fewer helpdesk calls
  • less time and money spent on training and documentation
  • increased IT staff and user productivity

A detailed list of all ease of use features included in NCP remote access VPN solutions and products can be found under Ease of use.

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