Cost Efficient

... our focus here means we’re mindful of one of the biggest challenges organizations face – cost savings

It is NCP's goal to develop products that sustainably reduce management, training, documentation,
user help desk and maintenance costs for companies (see Frost & Sullivan Whitepaper).

Providing a "Single Point of Administration", NCP’s Secure Enterprise Management System
frees up IT administrators to focus on more value-added projects by enabling:


  • central control of all communication and security functions
  • remote access management with a few clicks through a single console
  • simplified change management

The centrally manageable NCP Secure Enterprise Client Suite reduces IT department costs by:

  • reducing operating errors that occur during internet dial-up as it’s designed as a "One-Click Solution"
  • prevention of operating errors and security holes through central configuration presettings

Click here for more detailed information on economic efficiency of NCP's remote access VPN solutions.

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