Two-Factor Authentication for Tighter VPN Security

Two-Factor Authentication for Protecting VPN Access

User passwords aren’t enough. Trends in cloud computing, mobility and BYOD have introduced new vulnerabilities for enterprise networks. Many recent breaches have one thing in common: compromised passwords.

If your network security relies solely on user password for access, you’re putting your corporate secrets at risk. Two-factor authentication adds a layer of security to establish the unambiguous identification of every user.

This white paper, Two-Factor Authentication for VPN Access, explains the methods of authentication, common authentication combinations, barriers to adoption, and criteria for balancing security and simplicity.

Download the award-winning paper for an analysis of the key considerations for implementing a two-factor authentication solution for VPN access.





Webinar Recording - Two-Factor Authentication for Tighter VPN Security

Not quite ready to share your information in exchange for downloading the white paper? Listen first to a webinar recording for an overview of the information provided in the white paper. (Click on the image below.)

Two-Factor Authentication for Tighter VPN Security

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