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Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business activities. Our corporate divisions: Development, Sales, Support, and Administration are organized to offer you a complete service portfolio, in addition to top technology. We look forward to building long-term relationships with our customers, and we work toward this on a daily basis.

American Hospice

Our team tested several VPN solutions, but the NCP Secure Enterprise Solution was the only one able to fully meet our remote access needs," said Fred Cruz, IT director, American Hospice. "We were extremely impressed with the company's technology and support during the deployment phase. The stability to ensure a secure communications environment for our healthcare staff has become a cornerstone of our mission to provide the highest quality care to our patients and their families.

Fred Cruz, American Hospice, Jacksonville - Florida, USA


(German Federal Court of Audit)

The NCP Secure Client is a convincing product. The software delivers what the documentation promises. It can be administered very easily and serves as an example for other vendors.

Establishing secure remote access for teleworkers to the network of the Federal Court of Audit.

Bundesministerium der Justiz

(German Federal Ministry of Justice)

Through utilization of the NCP VPN software (Client and Gateway) we have a reliable and functional remote connection available for mobile workers and teleworkstations.

Remote VPN connection of mobile users and teleworkstations via the Information Network Berlin/Bonn (Informationsverbund Berlin/Bonn (IVBB)) to local data processing services and applications in the German Federal Ministry of Justice.

DataMentors, Inc.

I've used the NCP Secure Entry Client a lot and it has been a full success. I am impressed, this has been as painless as anything we've ever installed. NCP`s system engineer did a fantastic job of setting the parameters, it worked flawlessly, on the first try.

Pierre Veronneau, DataMentors, Inc., Wesley Chapel, Florida, USA

First National Bank, Pennsylvania, USA

We have a mixed OS environment and several of our staff work from home on occasion, which adds another layer of complexity to our VPN. NCP engineering offered the most intelligent, compatible client on the market, and we haven't had any problems since installation.

Brian Hughes, etwork administrator, First National Bank

Hisco, Inc.

We looked at several VPN clients and NCP's was by far the easiest to configure and prevented vendor lock in terms of any future network updates or build-outs we might undertake. The GUI is so intuitive and easy to use, converting everything a user needs to know into simple pictures. User training is almost not needed for our staff -- it's that easy.

Daniel Torres, systems analyst, Hisco, Inc., Texas, USA

ITSynergy, Ltd.

Thankfully, one of the best things about your software is - it's both user and techie friendly!

Benjamin Pollitzer, ITSynergy Ltd., London, UK

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG

NCP has developed software components that we have implemented successfully for more than 10 years. The technological edge, as well as the holistic approach offered by these solutions convince us again and again. Another reason for the long partnership is the fact that NCP has demonstrated a high level of flexibility in many projects.

Manfred Schurer, Central Area Information Systems and Organization, MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG

Marin Montessori School

Our faculty and staff continue working even outside of school - securely accessing the network from home, while travelling, in coffee shops. Our IPsec VPN needed to accommodate a wide variety of devices, operating systems and connection protocols. NCP had the best, flexible VPN client software we could find. It was easy to configure and operate, faster, and more stable and compatible than other solutions we tried.

Zarko Draganic, IT manager, Marin Montessori School

Nooksack TGA

[Juniper] said, 'This is the most reliable VPN solution,' but I was still a bit hardheaded. But after doing my own research, it was clear Juniper was right.

Ed Doherty, IT Manager, Nooksack TGA

Police Department Hamburg

The VPN Client software from NCP has established itself as an ideal solution for fast and secure mobile data query directly at the scene of the incident. The NCP Secure Entry Client is particularly convincing due to the easy handling it offers our police officers. A single mouse click suffices to set up the UMTS / GPRS connection and the VPN tunnel. Installation and configuration are likewise executed quickly and easily. The direct support of the UMTS hardware without external software and the possibility to store the configuration with encryption and password protection is particularly helpful.

Martin Brüggebors, Information and Communication Technology 24, - INPOL-Land, Police Department Hamburg

Schober Information Group Germany GmbH

It has been a long time since we have had such a mature product on our servers/clients. We can only congratulate NCP.

Access for field personnel to the local network of Schober GmbH

WatchGuard Technologies, Seattle, USA

The addition of NCP’s universal IPsec VPN client to WatchGuard’s VPN solution means that, regardless of enterprises’ mobile devices, operating system requirements or networking infrastructure, customers can quickly and easily meet the remote access demands of their employees,” said Brendan Patterson, Sr. Product Manager at WatchGuard. “NCP is a leader in secure remote access technology, and our partnership with them enables us to deliver the most flexible, yet robust, VPN solutions to the market.

WatchGuard is one of NCP's OEM Partners.

Bruderhilfe Sachversicherung AG

(non-life/property insurance)

Over the course of our multi-year collaboration with NCP we were convinced early on by the quality of the products. Of particular note is the flexibility with which NCP responds to customer desires, and realizes these desires in a timely manner. Exemplary!

Bundeseisenbahnvermögen (BEV)

(A special authority of the Federal Republic of Germany)

The Bundeseisenbahnvermögen (BEV) was looking for a solution for secure use of thin clients as teleworkstations in a Citrix infrastructure. With the SecureVPN components from NCP we have succeeded with a cost-efficient and high-performance implementation for all teleworkers. The solution has not only increased the level of security, in addition it is user-friendly and can be administered centrally – thus our return on investment has been achieved in less than two years.

Florian Doms, Head of Division at the Bundeseisenbahnvermögen (BEV)

Canadian Mental Health Association

Following a Cryptovirus attack, we had to better secure access to our network.  We not only have a dozen offices and 100 mobile workers throughout the Niagara Region but also host data for other organizations.  A reliable and secure remote access was critical.  NCP VPN Client software was easy to install and is a very user-friendly solution for organizations where the individuals have a wide spectrum of IT experience.   NCP not only solved our secure remote access problem but demonstrated Corporate compassion to make this work for a non-profit organization with limited resources.  We are thrilled with the product and NCP’s support.

Judy George CPA, CGA
Finance/Information Systems Manager

Duke University Medical Center, USA

The university requires a secure VPN connection for any staff who want to connect to the school's network remotely which can be a headache for those of us who are not in the IT field. NCP engineering's client software was easy to install, connected seamlessly with the existing VPN infrastructure and I don't even notice it's running in the background.

Michelle Kimple, professor, Duke University Medical Center

Hill Country Memorial Hospital

Our in-field hospice team became much more efficient by using the NCP Secure Entry Client. Rather than have to drive paperwork into the hospital and manually enter HIPPA-regulated patient data, they can instantly connect to our network from their handheld devices and securely upload anything they need to. "The interoperability of the VPN client was very important for us since we have a wide range of network technologies in place. NCP allowed us to keep everything intact.

Ira Babb, network administrator, Hill Country Memorial Hospital, Texas, USA

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services

It's incredibly fast. This package has things we only dreamed of.

Bill Dickerson, Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Iowa, USA

Kommunale Informationsverarbeitung Baden-Franken AG (KIVBF)

(Municiple Information Processing Baden-Franconia AG)

With the NCP software we can securely connect our teleworkers and administrators, as well as small branches of municipal providers (e.g. Municipal Construction Facilities, Citizen's Office). In addition to our trust in the security offered by the product, the customer-friendly installation was also a crucial factor for us.

March Communications

NCP engineering's VPN solution has helped March employees continue to work with our clients remotely, wherever their travels take them.

Martin Jones, Managing Partner, March Communications

Swiss Mobiliar

Implementing NCP's Next Generation Network Access technology paid off for Swiss Mobiliar. We were impressed that NCP's solution did not only meet the highest security requirements but also featured a central management system that allows us to manage all client settings centrally. The users appreciate that they can easily - with one click only- logon to our network, no matter their location. Easy and direct communication with NCP's engineering department was the decisive factor for the project's success. The pressure that time and expectations put on the project was so high that it could only be realized in time through this easy, fast and direct way of communication.

Stefan Geiser, project manager for implementation of the new VPN solution at the Swiss insurance company Swiss Mobiliar

OEC Group, New York

Your VPN client works like a charm. You have made my life so much easier.

Martin Fullbrook, OEC Group, New York, USA

Ratiodata, Germany

The deciding factors in our decision to purchase the NCP software were the scalable platform, operating convenience for both administrators and end users, proximity to NCP, and support of numerous operating systems and certificate solutions. The short and direct communication channels make the collaboration, (which is based on solid competence), with NCP very pleasant and very effective.

Uvex Safety Group GmbH & Co.KG

The Uvex Safety Group has been using the NCP Secure Enterprise solution for several years for mobile data communication of its sales personnel who are active the world over. The software is characterized by simple operability, transparency, and stability. Another crucial factor for the collaboration is NCP's support of all technologically leading communication and security standards. The solution will be optimized with the planned integration of the Enterprise Management system.

Peer Reichert, Director IM Systems, Uvex Safety Group GmbH & Co.KG

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