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Product and market information on the topics of threats, security and remote access VPN.

Phishing on behalf of the coronavirus

That's all we needed: As if the effects of coronavirus on everyday life are not...

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Precautions for the coronavirus pandemic

Dear business partner,

In light of the current developments regarding the...

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The long but right way to two-factor authentication

It is 2020 and accounts which contain valuable and private data can still be...

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Trends for the year ahead

Another year has passed, and we are already looking forward to 12 months of...

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VPN Management with NCP Authenticator

In version 5.30 of the NCP Secure Enterprise Management, administrators and...

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Smart Cities Need Smart Security

Through the implementation of smart technology, cities around the world are...

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Office 365 - The enemy in my inbox

Just as things don’t always go to plan in practice this is also true of...

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The Worst Data Breaches of 2019

Another day, another data breach. With more than five thousand data breaches and...

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Donations instead of gifts

Looking after the little ones not just at Christmas - "Bunter Kreis e.V. /...

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Online Shopping this Holiday Season? Here's How to Stay Protected

With the holiday season in full swing, retailers and e-commerce stores are once...

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