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Product and market information on the topics of threats, security and remote access VPN.

Encryption Holds Clue to Solving AI-driven Police Surveillance Fears

Police use of AI for law enforcement is coming under intense scrutiny as fears...

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Getting IT security priorities right

Information security should protect the company's important assets, be...

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No more passwords, please!

The password is probably the best known concept in computing. Probably you will...

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Customer Survey Highlights Secure IoT Communications and Reliable Technical Support from NCP engineering

With the rise of IoT devices in the workplace, it is becoming increasingly...

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Multi-tenancy – an often underestimated remote access feature

Multi-tenancy refers to an architecture in which a single software application...

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More trouble in the cloud

If you leave out Germany – which is well-known for taking a strict approach to...

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New VPN Clients Feature Quality of Service Module

NCP Releases Version 12.0 of the Secure Enterprise Client, Secure Entry Client,...

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Risk to Business Travelers’ Data Grows

Business travel is a fertile hunting ground for hackers. Sensitive company data...

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A risky business: what happens when transferring risk goes wrong?

The title of this article might seem a little confusing so let's start by...

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Tech Giants Talk the Data Privacy Talk

The reputation of Silicon Valley’s elite brands is in urgent need of repair. In...

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