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Product and market information on the topics of threats, security and remote access VPN.

Voice over IPSec

VPN client for convergent IT infrastructures

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Universeller VPN Client für konvergente Netze

NCP Secure Entry Client V8.3 mit VoIP-Support

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NCP introduces version 8.3 of the Secure Entry Client

More security and flexibility for mobile users and voice data priority in IPsec...

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Internet attacks on German companies are on the increase

Foreign intelligence agencies use the Internet for espionage purposes.

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U.S. nuclear weapons agency hacked

Hacker stole the names and Social Security numbers of 1,500 people working for...

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Ohio University suffers security breaches

Ohio University only became aware that a problem existed after being informed by...

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Companies are uncertain about using mobile devices

10 percent of the companies surveyed do not implement any safety measures for...

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NCP gewinnt Innovationspreis 2006 der Initiative Mittelstand

Nürnberger Hersteller von Kommunikationslösungen in der Kategorie "IT...

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NCP Secure CE Clients support Windows Mobile 5.0

The current released software now also supports the latest generation of mobile...

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Ab Januar 2007: Ohne IT-Sicherheit keinen Kredit?

Strenge Vorgaben des Basel II Abkommens für die Finanzinstitute

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