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Remote Access Solutions for Government Organizations

Governmental agencies frequently transmit sensitive data, e.g. citizen information. In order to protect this data, remote access solutions have to meet very high and very strict security policies. Since e-government is gaining ground, politicians, government officials as well as citizens have to access network resources and data in a fast and easy but, yet, secure way. 

Due to high costs and because many government buildings are historic monuments, it has become common practice to implement Wi-Fi technology rather than laying cables within buildings. The remote access solution has to be highly secure, yet easy to operate. (NCP’s remote access solution has been approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security, among others and complies with the international standard “FIPS Inside”.) Remote access technology, however, must not impede employees' daily work due to overly complicated technical procedures. If the VPN software is easy to use, acceptance among its users is significantly higher. Furthermore, time and money spent on training can be reduced. In the end, using a VPN remote access solution has to be as simple as making a phone call even if you use varying end devices.

NCP’s software solution is tried and tested. 

Did you know that NCP is the security supplier for the T-Systems project “SiMKo – Secure mobile communication”? This project has been set up in order to provide security software for smartphones used by government officials.

NCP’s Next Generation Network Access Technology – your benefits:

  • Approved security, recommended by the German Federal Office for Information Security
  • Secure and fast connections – even at a hotspot
  • One click per session ensure ease of use 
  • Automatic rollouts and updates through central management
  • Simple labor-turnover management
  • Fast mass rollouts
  • Easy implementation of policy changes
  • Real time control of 3G charges
  • Low documentation, training and help desk costs
  • High profitability through low operation costs
  •  “FIPS Inside”

For years, NCP has now been the technology supplier for various German governmental departments and authorities. View our references and read our customers’ statements.

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