Sustainability at NCP

We should all be concerned with protecting the environment.

At NCP, we value taking responsibility for protecting our planet. We are committed to the sustainable use of natural resources and want to make our contribution to protecting the environment. We do this in a variety of ways:

Focus on software products

No garbage, no exhaust fumes, no delivery routes – our NCP VPN products are 100% software-based. In this way, they are energy-efficient and run on almost any existing hardware without the need for using resources unnecessarily.

Enhanced compatibility

If new software also requires new hardware, this stands in the way of the idea of sustainability. That is why we at NCP make sure that our solutions are compatible with as many hardware configurations and operating systems as possible. This avoids unnecessary purchasing of new hardware.

High quality standards

Our software products are extensively tested before release and optimized down to the last detail. This not only ensures maximum performance for our customers – we also actively avoid increased power consumption due to poorly designed software. TÜV Rheinland certifies that our products meet these requirements in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.

Hybrid and electric company cars

The future is electric, even in road traffic. That is why we also offer our employees hybrid and electric vehicles  in order to keep the CO2 burden on the environment as low as possible. We are working on expanding electric charging options for our employees and visitors.

Bonus for the public transport use

Public transport is better than individual transport. NCP offers its employees a subsidy for monthly transport tickets. Our office in the southwest of Nuremberg is also directly opposite the Nuremberg Röthenbach stop – so bus and metro passengers do not have to travel long distances.

Job bike leasing

Especially in the warm season, cycling is a sporty and environmentally friendly means of transport for getting to the office. We offer attractive conditions for bicycle leasing to encourage our employees to travel by bike.