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Product Highlights

Enterprise VPN with centralized management

Thousands of users worldwide can connect securely to the company network via centrally managed Enterprise VPN software without downtime or restrictions. NCP offers VPN clients for all operating systems/end devices, central VPN management and (virtual) VPN servers which are:

  • Highly scalable
  • Flexible
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Universal

Learn more about cost benefits, technical features, and the different versions of NCP Enterprise VPN.


Universal Entry VPN clients

For individual workstations, freelancers or smaller installations, NCP Entry Clients offer a wide range of technical features and offer much more than a standard VPN:

  • Compatible with all major gateways
  • Secure HotSpot Logon
  • Integrated personal firewall for additional features such as Endpoint Protection
  • Seamless Roaming

NCP Entry Clients for devices running Windows, macOS, or Android can be integrated into any existing infrastructure.


Finding the right NCP products
for your organization

Our Solution Finder will help you find the right NCP product for your organization. No matter what hardware you use, whether you are looking for a solution for use in your own company or as a partner for your customers, for a few employees or large installations, we will guide you to the right product in just a few steps.

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Customer Testimonials

"We have a mixed OS environment and several of our staff work from home on occasion, which adds another layer of complexity to our VPN. NCP engineering offered the most intelligent, compatible client on the market, and we haven't had any problems since installation."

– Brian Hughes, network administrator, First National Bank, Pennsylvania, USA

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