VPN solutions for public sector organizations

Companies, authorities, offices and administrations in the public sector have special requirements with respect to data security. Many scenarios involving handling sensitive data from citizens, CRITIS or other sensitive environments of public interest.

Digital transformation of administrations, both internally and externally, poses major challenges to IT departments as calls for flexible, modern and lean processes are asserted with demands of maintaining the highest security standards with limited personnel resources for network infrastructure and digital processes.

NCP has supplied technology to government and administrative organizations for many years to support digitalization initiatives. There are many benefits of VPN solutions for the public sector:

  • Maximum flexibility and independence of hardware
  • Support thousands of users working from home with scalable software components
  • Automated processes through central VPN management
  • Low in-house administration costs even with high VPN user numbers
  • Fast rollout and straightforward operation
  • Safe investment with universal compatibility
  • Latest technology with advanced encryption (ECC)

Choose which of the two solutions meets your requirements.

  • NCP Enterprise solution (VPN clients, central management and servers)
  • VS-NfD solutions and products designed specifically for the confidentiality level “classified information – for official use only”