Remote Access VPN Clients with central management system for mobile devices

Centrally managed VPN Client Suite for iOS and Android

Compatible with all common VPN gateways.

Enterprise IT departments are tasked with managing several hundreds or thousands of users and must have full control over all end devices in a remote access environment at all times. To address this requirement a remote access infrastructure that supports centrally managed VPN clients, enables users to easily operate them and provides secure end-to-site communication is a must. The NCP Secure Enterprise Client specifically addresses these requirements and is perfectly suited for large remote access VPN projects. Here you can find the most important product features.

You can find our IPsec VPN clients for Windows, macOS, and Linux here.

Professional VPN Client Suite for iOS

Centrally managed VPN client for iPads and iPhones –  for any business size. Integrate iOS devices seamlessly into the enterprise-wide VPN infrastructure via NCP VPN management.

NCP Secure Enterprise VPN Server 11.0 and above and NCP Secure Enterprise Management 4.05 and above are required as part of the company IT infrastructure for operating NCP Secure Enterprise iOS clients.

You can find detailed information in the Data sheet


Secure the iOS-based devices in your company with the NCP Secure Enterprise iOS clients. NCP Secure Enterprise Management provides centralized management of all VPN clients as well as VPN configuration, user certificates, root certificates and licenses for iOS clients. Strong authentication provides comprehensive protection from unauthorized access. VPN connections can also be secured using FaceID/TouchID.

The NCP Secure Enterprise iOS clients are available for mobile devices with iOS 11.x and above.


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VPN Client Suite for Android

Universal VPN Clients with central management for Android tablets and smartphones - for companies of all sizes. Use NCP's central VPN management solution to seamlessly integrate your Android end devices in your company-wide remote access VPN infrastructure.

You can find detailed information in the Data sheet


Equip Android end devices, used within your enterprise, with an NCP managed Android VPN Client. NCP's VPN Management enables central management of all VPN clients. VPN configurations and user certificates and licenses for these clients can be centrally managed. The NCP Android VPN clients are available for mobile end devices with the operating systems Android 4.4 and above.