Activation of NCP Secure Entry Clients

NCP Secure Entry Clients Win32/64 and NCP Secure Entry Mac Clients must be activated via the Internet. The software is only licensed after successful activation. This is necessary in the case of new installations or major hardware changes to the end device.

The NCP license agreement grants the licensee the right to use the software on a single end device only. The software is exclusively assigned to this specific end device and contains copy protection (software activation). In exceptional cases, only, (hardware defect, multiple changing of the hardware) may the license be re-activated upon request, but only if certain requirements are met. More information can be found at: De-/Reactivation of NCP licenses.

Licenses can be issued online or offline. In the case of software updates, you will be issued with a new license key.

The following brochures contain details about software activation:

NCP Secure Entry Client Software Activation (Win32/64)

NCP Secure Entry Mac Client Software Activation


Content of the activation file: