Business Continuity

Be flexible and quick in any remote work situation!

How can companies maintain operations when most employees need to work from home?

NCP solutions secure data communication via a VPN connection for all employees working (temporarily) from home or anywhere with Internet access.

Compatibility with all common gateways makes NCP components easy and quick to integrate into existing infrastructures.

Pay-per-use or temporary licenses for flexible use

With advanced technology and needs-based licensing models, NCP can respond flexibly and individually to customer needs:.

  • perpetual
  • pay-per-use
  • temporary use

Add VPN capacity quickly for thousands of users

The NCP Enterprise Solution is software-based and can be virtualised. Compared to hardware solutions, NCP offers decisive advantages and can be set up in a snap:

  • High scalability
  • No supply bottlenecks for hardware appliances
  • Set up thousands of users with a fingersnap
  • Compatibility with existing hardware/software in the network
  • Investment protection