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Next Generation Network Access Technology

Remote Network Access is Mandatory in Today’s Environment

NCP engineering technology solves remote access issues with award-winning software products. The solution-set blends essential secure remote access approaches, including Virtual Private Network (VPN), device firewall and practical Network Access Control (NAC) function.

VPN Scenarios:

We live in a time when secure, fast and easy remote access to a company’s network is a business requirement and no longer optional. Companies the world over are expecting more productivity from staff who travel – sales, support, teleworkers, customer service, contractors and executives. Those who need network access outside the company also put pressure on remote access policy and the technology that supports it, from partners to suppliers.

The security, policy and usability challenges posed by the myriad of access locations, widely-varying devices and access rights used to connect to the network call for a rethinking of how remote access is handled. Technology that provides strong security, allows policy changes on-the-fly and embraces the latest end-devices for increased productivity is a business requirement today.

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