Business Anytime, Anywhere

Secure communications has many complex requirements at different levels: Employees working from home, remote workers around the world or in country offices as well as customers, suppliers and partners. All of them need to access specific data, documents and information on the company network quickly, conveniently and securely. Operational technology in production systems is also more closely meshed with office IT than ever before. Remote access and remote maintenance are just two examples of emerging scenarios that organizations encounter today.

Without a VPN, transferring data over public networks such as the Internet is a significant security risk in any scenario. NCP offers far more than a standard VPN to ensure secure communication. NCP’s centrally managed Enterprise VPN solutions and entry products for individual employees or SMEs are the winning result of more than 30 years of expertise and advanced technology “Made in Germany”. NCP also offer solutions for specialist scenarios in IIoT security, smart maintenance, public sector organizations or secrecy protection (VS-NfD compliance).