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Remote Access VPN in Institutes for Education

Remote access VPN for Education, Science and Research

VPN access has become common and used not only in the businesses world, but also in by universities, schools and research centers. It does not matter who (student, lecturer or research associate) wishes to access an academic institutions central network; it does not matter if the person logs on on campus via Wi-Fi or at home via 3G, LAN or Wi-Fi; it does not matter which computer (Windows 64 / 32 bit, OS X, tablet or smartphone) the person uses; it does not matter which gateway is used in a university network: NCP offers the right solution.        

Various end devices, operating systems and connection protocols have to be embraced in a remote access VPN. Since most users are not an IT specialist, remote access technology must not impede daily work through complicated technical procedures. If the VPN software is easy to use, acceptance among its users is significantly higher. In the end, using a VPN remote access solution has to be as simple as making a phone call even if you use varying end devices.

It is the administrator’s task to keep software management as easy and efficient as possible. To ensure this, NCP’s Enterprise Solution has, among other features, fully automated processes and a change management system which is easy to operate.

NCP’s Next Generation Network Access Technology – your benefits:

  • Secure and fast connections – even via Wi-Fi
  • Easy one click operation
  • Real time control of 3G charges
  • Easy to use
  • Little expenses for support
  • Easy administration
  • High profitability through low operation costs

All kinds of organizations use NCP’s VPN solutions: banks, government agencies, industrial corporations, institutions in research and science, commerce and small and medium sized enterprises. View our references and read our customers’ statements. More information on NCP’s Next Generation Network Access Technology Solutions for organizations.