VPN solutions for large enterprise customers and international companies

Network infrastructure and account management for hundreds or thousands of remote users or site networks spread across the globe is a complex tasks. Costs can spiral quickly out of control in administration, support, training and documentation.

A VPN solution can minimize business risks by enabling thousands of mobile employees to work from home, if needed, to maintain operations. Software solutions have the following benefits:

  • Independence from hardware and supply bottlenecks
  • Safe investment thanks to compatibility with existing and future infrastructure
  • Fast deployment and reduced downtime
  • Maximum scalability – number of users can be adjusted flexibly to match demand.

NCP’s Secure Enterprise solution makes installation, operation and management of a remote access network straightforward with central management. As a one-click solution for users and made in Germany to the highest security standards, NCP Secure Enterprise solution is designed for:

  • Ease of use
  • Compatibility with existing infrastructure
  • Lean utilization of IT resources
  • Maximum scalability
  • Lower operating costs
  • Fast return on investment (ROI)

Many companies and organizations around the world have been using the NCP Secure Enterprise solution for years to protect their infrastructure, connect sites securely and provide employees with secure remote access. Users include banks, government agencies and industrial companies as well as customers in education and commercial businesses.

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Registered customers can also download and test a full version of the NCP clients for 30 days.