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Remote Access VPN Solutions for large Enterprises

Remote Access VPN for Large Enterprises

Remote access has become the umbrella term for a multitude of different application scenarios (mobile employees or branch office networking) combined with various communication media (xDSL, mobile radio telephone services, Wi-Fi, satellite etc.). In large-scale enterprises the possible combinations of application scenarios and communication media complicate administration and configuration of components. A remote access solution, containing several thousand users, quickly becomes highly complex and quickly drives administration, support, training and documentation costs up.

NCP’s holistic remote access solution allows you to facilitate implementation, use and management of a remote access network. Our remote access solution, which is part of NCP’s Next Generation Network Access Technology, comprises a VPN client suite, VPN gateways and VPN management software. All of them are designed as ‘one click solutions’ which allow for a fully automatic remote access operation.  

NCP’s remote access solutions are designed to meet the following criteria: ease of use, high level of integration, efficient use of IT resources, high scalability, low operation costs as well as a fast return on investment (ROI).

NCP’s Next Generation Network Access Technology – your benefits:

  • Universal use for all kinds of hardware infrastructure
  • Support of multiple operating systems
  • Secure and fast connections – even at a hotspot
  • Ease of use
  • Automation
  • Simple labor-turnover management
  • Efficient and fast mass rollouts
  • Reliable implementation of compliance policies
  • Full control and transparency of all online charges
  • Low documentation, training and help desk costs
  • High efficiency through low operation costs

Rethink Remote Access: Expect the highest standards. Only robust solutions allow for highly efficient scalability.

All kinds of organizations use NCP’s VPN solutions: banks, government agencies, industrial corporations, institutions in research and science, commerce and small and medium sized enterprises. View our references and read our customers’ statements. More information on NCP’s Next Generation Network Access Technology Solutions for large scale enterprises.

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