Enterprise VPN for managed service partners

Powerful VPN for cloud services and data centers

To make the most of resources and expertise while saving costs, entire remote access infrastructures and other services are increasingly being relocated to the cloud or outsourced to service providers. Professional managed service providers (MSP/MSSP) know that they can depend on the NCP Secure Enterprise solution for:

  • High scalability
  • Utilizing high bandwidths in the data center
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Support for multiple cloud services
  • Flexible authentication
  • Integration with existing security solutions

The technology is designed in such a way that deployment, use and management are clear and cost-effective. Customers can also choose a flexible pay-per-use pricing model to suit their needs and manage costs transparently.

Providers can offer NCP services to their customers in two different models: 

  • Shared platform – each customer is supported as an autonomous client on a shared platform
  • Dedicated platform – each customer has their own NCP infrastructure, hosted and operated by the MSP

Both services are suitable for SMEs and enterprise customers. This allows different customer needs to be met separately through physical or virtual systems. There are no limits to the size and complexity of client networks. High availability services ensure maximum uptime.

Managed services with full support offer:

  • Central management
  • High scalability
  • Endpoint security
  • Cost transparency
  • High availability
  • Potential cost savings and effective resource management
  • Individually customizable for different customer accounts

We would also be happy to discuss your needs with you or arrange a live demonstration. For more information, contact our sales team directly at sales(at)ncp-e.com.