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VPN solutions for service provider

Cloud-based VPN

Even security services such as a virtual private network (VPN) can be outsourced into the cloud. Many service and cloud providers rely on the proven NCP Secure Enterprise solution for remote access VPN. This saves significant operation and administration resources through NCP Secure Enterprise Management.

Service providers who deploy NCP solutions choose the architectures they want to use for their customers – whether entirely in the cloud, virtualized, as-a-service or a mixture of architectures.

New customers can be connected immediately, whether the deployment is limited to a handful of users in a pilot project or for a national project with a large number of users.

The technology is designed in such a way that deployment, use and management are clear and cost-effective. Thanks to the multi-client capability of the NCP central components (VPN Management, VPN Gateway, High Availability Services), providers can manage many customers at the same time in a single system, reducing the hardware investment and maintenance costs in the data center.

There are no limits to the size and complexity of client networks. High availability services ensure maximum uptime. Geographically distributed redundancy systems are easy to implement.

Configurations for the remote users are created, managed and deployed centrally with the option of locking critical parameters from user intervention. This helps to minimize user errors and helpdesk effort as the settings which can be changed by users are kept to a bare minimum.

Extra features The NCP VPN Client Suite includes a centrally managed personal firewall, which is optimized for remote access and is available to customers as an additional service. The firewall offers protection against many typical security risks, for example the use of public hot spots.

Benefit from NCP's many years of expertise. We would be happy to answer your questions in a meeting or a live online demonstration, please contact:

NCP's VPN solutions have been used successfully for a long time in banks, public authorities and industrial companies, in research and education, in commerce and in SMEs. Don’t just take our word for it – read about our customer reference projects and feedback. Learn more about NCP's Next Level VPN technology for service providers on the NCP Secure Enterprise Solution pages.

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