Next Generation Network Access Technology for Service Provider

VPN out of the Cloud

Remote Access solution providers know why they trust NCP's holistic system: NCP's well-engineered Secure Enterprise Management System reduces operation and administration costs. 

New customers can be connected easily. It does not matter if there are only a few of them, for example, during a pilot project or a large number of users.  

Your customers benefit from a technology that has been designed for ease of use and efficiency - especially with respect to implementation, use and management. All of NCP's core products feature multi-client capability, which allows for administration of a large number of customers in a single system. Furthermore it allows you to reduce time and money spent on new investments and maintenance of hardware. NCP's High Availability Services ensure a high level of uptime. Even remote redundancy systems are easily implemented. 

An administrator centrally creates, locks and rolls out all configuration settings for remote users. This prevents misconfigurations by the user and, thus, minimizes help desk calls.

A further specialty, included in all VPN Client Suites, is NCP's centrally managed firewall, which has been optimized for remote access.

NCP's Next Generation Network Access Technology is based on a holistic concept which allows for economical operation of multi-client networks of all sizes and degrees of difficulty. 

Profit from our thorough experience and competence. Speak with us about our VPN solution or ask us for a live demonstration (email: 

All kinds of institutions use NCP’s VPN solutions: banks, government agencies, industrial corporations, institutions in research and science, commerce and small and medium sized enterprises. View our references and read our customers’ statements. More information on NCP’s Next Generation Network Access Technology Solutions for service providers.

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